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I make sure your IT budget is spent wisely to get you the professional services you need at the most economic prices. 

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We work together, you and I to uncover exactly what you need, and secure it at best prices. 

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 I charge you at $100.00 an hour billed in quarter increments (initial consultation is free).  

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My name is Clifford “Cliff” Potts. I’ve been a computer enthusiast since writing my first programs in FORTRAN IV on IBM Punch Cards on an IBM 029 Key Punch Machine in 1975. This lead directly to access a TSR Model One used at a small appliance firm in Chicago’s Logan Square in 1977. My first PC program was one DND game, and a word processing and data base. I graduated 3rd in my class in Telecommunications Management in 1990. In 1991 the World Wide Web was release.  Over time I’ve worked for real estate firms, law offices, government agencies, pharmaceuticals firms, educational institutes, and utility companies. I am here to assist you with your technology management needs. 

CompTIA A+ Professional Certification

CompTIA A+ Professional Certification


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